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MEMS Expands into Agribusiness with its Smart Interface for Advanced Analytics of Crop Protection Products

We have exciting new technologies developed by Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) for the Ag Tech sector. We noticed a gap in how toxicological information is collected, stored and shared with regulators, which can have an impact on a producer’s ability to forecast their business needs. MEMS developed a web-based platform for stakeholders (farmers to regulators) to access credible information on crop protection product application and use. This is the first platform of its kind that provides detail on the due diligence of crop producers while maintaining anonymity and privacy. Our technology is supported and built on MEMS’ expertise and experience from consulting in agriculture and our research in environmental toxicology.

Surface Water Monitoring

Gain real-time insight into monitoring surface water parameters using our smart technology. A network of sensors report on the quality and chemical presence in surface water. Crop producers have peace of mind knowing that applied crop protection products are safely and effectively used without risking the health and safety of nearby lands, animals or people. 

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality is a critical factor in the healthy and sustainable growth of crops. Ozone and Sulfur Dioxide are examples of harmful air pollutants that can impact crop yields. Since 2019, we have completed various air quality studies, modelling scenarios and real-time data collection for our clients. Monitoring devices directly on or near a crop field is optimal to ensure producers have the latest information to make proactive decisions related to crop performance. 

Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater is a precious resource for many industries, landowners and livestock. Conventional methods of periodic groundwater sampling have advanced, with real-time monitoring for potentially harmful contaminants becoming standard practice. We offer solutions to monitor groundwater quality, use and water level. Automate the reporting process for groundwater use across a series of wells without manually collecting data from each location. 

Crop Protection Products Monitoring

Where physical sample collection is required for sampling, MEMS can automate the transfer of data from an accredited laboratory directly into a centralized database for analysis. Results are accurate and timely and are compared against known thresholds established by Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). Users are notified by email if a compound is measured above the known threshold. 


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