Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.

Key Projects

Reclamation in Northern B.C.

MEMS’ Reclamation and Construction team has been hard at work embodying our values of Trustworthiness and Teamwork in Northern B.C. They began by consulting with a local First Nations community to plan and execute reclaiming a wellsite (below) that was covered in agronomics.

The site was reclaimed “rough and loose” (below), this created microsites and broke up the sod layer.

Working with the community trees and shrubs were transplanted from surrounding ecosites, and planted with conifer tree plugs, live willow and poplar staking (below). This led to a significant reduction of agronomic species and a 70% survival rate for the willow, poplar, conifer, and shrubs.

The transplanted eco-sites are continuing to expand and encroach into the reclaimed space. The local First Nations community was exceptionally pleased with the results and they continue to monitor the site.

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