About Us

Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) is committed to providing high quality service with an emphasis on trustworthiness, quality, teamwork and innovation. We continually meet the needs of our clients because we are prepared technically, professionally and logistically. Our advantage is that we are known for our credibility, integrity, technical competence and our talented staff. We are delivery oriented and have the experience, technical ability and professionalism to provide our clients with superior, cost-effective service.

MEMS provides a complete and diversified range of services to assist organizations in meeting their environmental sciences and regulatory responsibilities. Our Senior Management and employees have many years of applied experience and expertise in environmental sciences, policy development, planning, regulatory support, assessment, operations, remediation, reclamation and environmental information systems implementation. Combined, our team has worked in over 25 countries, spanning 5 continents. Our knowledge of world ecologies gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to approach problems in fresh, inventive ways.