Soil Science Services

MEMS’ team of soil scientists have a broad range of expertise in pedology and edaphology. Our soil scientists have experience working in a number of provinces in Canada. Our team is a leader in ‘life of project’ experience, including planning, inventory, assessment, monitoring and reclamation stages. The scope, scale and intricacies of the projects we complete are tailored to our client’s needs. Our soil science services include baseline surveys, impact assessment, mitigation measures, reclamation or remediation plans, soil salvage and land capability planning. We have a wide range of competencies and extensive experience in soil science consulting services including the following areas:

  • soil taxonomy;
  • soil and terrain mapping;
  • land (soil) capability surveys and planning;
  • soil salvage and reclamation plans;
  • soil disturbance assessments (pre & post); and
  • soil assessments for reclamation or remediation certification.

We are always exploring the newest methods and technologies in our industry, which enables us to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient service. We work with our clients to identify the best and most cost-effective procedures and assessments. The senior members of our soil team keep up with research and development in the industry, in both fieldwork and government developments. They understand exactly what regulators are looking for, eliminating any guesswork in meeting regulations. This saves our clients time, resources and legal trouble down the road.

After soil analysis is complete, we work with each client to determine the best way to proceed. We work with MEMS’ other disciplinary teams to complete any follow-up work, such as reclamation or remediation. We also provide long-term monitoring to ensure your site maintains regulatory standards.