MEMS reclamation services cover a range of project sizes and a variety of terrain, from agricultural areas to massive mines. In fact, our expertise and experience in the mining sector is unmatched by the rest of Alberta’s reclamation industry. We have devoted years to understanding and mastering the techniques for mine reclamation assessment and are dedicated to remaining on the leading-edge of the industry. At MEMS, we willingly take on non-routine reclamation certificate assessments or unusual and challenging projects.

The goal of reclamation is to restore previously disturbed areas with the ability to support an ecosystem similar to pre-disturbance or background conditions. The ultimate goal is an equivalent land capability for a range of potential end land uses, including agriculture, forestry, natural grasslands, wildlife habitat, traditional use and recreation.

MEMS provides a multi-disciplinary team of environmental experts required to support reclamation projects during all stages of development, including determination of pre-disturbance land capability, stakeholder communication, decommissioning supervision, remediation of contaminated areas, surface soil preparation, promotion of natural recovery, seeding and/or planting of comparable vegetation species, post-reclamation monitoring and maintenance, post-reclamation site assessment (including detailed site assessments) and reclamation certification applications.

With over 50 combined years of direct experience in the reclamation and decommissioning of both surface and underground mines, which includes full mine decommissioning, demolition and cleanup, slope re-contouring, soil replacement, re-vegetation, reforestation, wetland and end pit lake development, MEMS staff has been involved in all stages from planning to full supervision and follow-up monitoring. With an approach that is grounded in a unique combination of mining experience and regulatory expertise, we provide cost-effective environmental support and creative solutions to clients that contribute to successful operations.

Our reclamation team can see your project through from the initial assessment of pre-disturbance land capability, to decommissioning supervision and remediation of contaminated areas. We cover assessment, planning, supervision of labour and ongoing monitoring of reclamation sites. We can also provide assessments and information to aid you in applying for your reclamation certificate. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, safety remains a top priority. We ensure that your safety standards are met and we strive to exceed them.