Physical and Contaminant Hydrogeology

MEMS offers its clients expertise in all aspects of groundwater investigations and groundwater monitoring programs.  Our personnel have conducted investigations and assessment studies in support of resource development and management projects for a wide range of industry sectors.

Groundwater Investigations
Our groundwater investigations services include:

  • regional regime assessments;
  • environmental impact assessments;
  • hydrogeological assessments and analysis;
  • siting and permitting/approvals;
  • flow and contaminant transport modelling;
  • evaluation of wells;
  • dewatering systems;
  • plume definition; and
  • drinking water quality surveillance.

Groundwater Monitoring
Our groundwater monitoring programs can involve the installation of monitoring wells, annual groundwater monitoring and reporting and preparation of groundwater remediation plans that include:

  • in-situ treatment;
  • groundwater treatment and recovery systems;
  • site-specific groundwater criteria development; and
  • groundwater risk management, including:
    • natural attenuation assessment;
    • barrier systems;
    • administration controls; and
    • long-term monitoring.

Hydrogeological Assessments
MEMS provides a full range of services associated with groundwater assessment, including baseline evaluations, regime modelling, impact assessments and expert testimony.

MEMS is familiar with the environmental regulatory processes and requirements for all phases of project development.  We can provide the following hydrogeological regulatory services:

  • compliance monitoring;
  • annual reporting; and
  • water supply and licensing applications.