Health & Safety

At MEMS, health and safety are company-wide responsibilities. From our safety department to our company leaders; from junior employees to partners and subcontractors, we are committed to safety. Our culture of continual improvement means we are always striving to improve our practices at every level.

Our employees complete our Safety Leadership for Supervisors program.  This two day course is based on the LSE course offered by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and incorporates years of knowledge and experience from MEMS leadership.  The program trains staff on everything from worksite safety to adhering to legislation, and includes legal and moral obligations, incident management, emergency planning and leadership skills.  This enables our supervisors to successfully perform in their role to ensure safe and cost-effective project execution.

Our contractors are as committed to safety as our core team is.  In addition to meeting the requirements of our safety program, many of our contractors have their own safety programs and are prequalified through MEMS Independent Contractor Agreements to work within our clients’ safety systems, saving our clients the time and resources required to train them. Through our affiliation with the Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening (PICS) organization, we ensure that only the best and most qualified contractors work with our team.

We have a solid track record of adhering to client safety systems. Much of the work we do for clients is toward the goal of meeting regulatory standards, and safety is a big part of this. In demonstrating and encouraging a culture of worksite safety, we help our clients to meet regulatory guidelines, which allows them to proceed on their projects without interruption.

We have our own equipment centre at MEMS, allowing us to stay up-to-date on equipment maintenance. Performing regular, scheduled maintenance on our equipment reduces the risk of accident or injury and eliminates time lost due to unexpected equipment breakdown.  The equipment centre ensures that our staff always has high quality equipment to reliably and safely perform their field work.

Certifications and Affiliations

  • Alberta COR (certifying partner Alberta Construction Safety Association)
    • The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is issued by Alberta Employment and Immigration to employers who exceed established health and safety standards
  • British Columbia COR (certifying partner British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance)
    • The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is issued by WorkSafeBC to employers who exceed established health and safety standards
  • ComplyWorks is the leading provider of contractor and supplier management
  • ISNetworld connects companies with safe, reliable contractors
  • Avetta offers world-class contractor pre-qualification with a focus on safety standards