MEMS is the perfect place to kick-start your career or gain work experience to enhance your education. Students and recent graduates add an invaluable vitality and fresh perspective to our team. Whether you’re looking for temporary Summer employment or an entry level opportunity, we’d love to give you the chance to grow and learn with us!

Hands-on Experience
Our goal with all employees is to help them grow and advance within the company and the only way to do this is to include them on major projects alongside senior staff. MEMS allows you to jump right into work that is challenging and meaningful.

Your Voice Matters
Our desire is that all employees play an active role in the planning and development of their careers.  This means having a say in the projects they work on and the teams they work with.

Room to Grow
We recognize and encourage growth and achievement of our employees’ careers. We promote from within when possible and create succession plans so that top performers can work toward achieving a higher position in the company.

The Right Fit for You
We recognize that everyone has a unique skill set and a different approach to work.  We do our best to help each of our employees find a role that suits them best, focusing on each individual’s strengths to build successful teams for each project.

If you are a student or recent graduate looking to join the MEMS team, please visit our Career Connector Site at to view all opportunities available at MEMS.