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Students and Graduates

Start Your Career at MEMS!

At MEMS, we value the fresh new perspectives that students and recent graduates offer to our team. We recruit for various student positions from multiple disciplines, including environmental science, engineering, and business.

Hands-on Experience
As a student or new graduate at MEMS, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience from various projects. You can expect excellent mentoring from our senior staff as you work on meaningful projects and begin your professional career. A career at MEMS allows you to jump right into work that is challenging and meaningful.

Growth Opportunities
We want our new staff to grow with MEMS. We recognize and encourage growth and achievement and actively support our employees’ professional development. We promote from within whenever possible and create succession plans to develop a clear path forward.

Diverse Workload
No two days are the same at MEMS. Our staff are frequently exposed to new clients and projects, and disciplines. Our clients and projects often require multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions to environmental problems. We work with clients in various industries, including energy, mining, agriculture and infrastructure. As a student or new graduate, you will benefit from the exposure to multiple teams, projects, clients and industries.

Long-Term Career Goals
At MEMS, we take an active role in fostering an environment of long-term career planning and development. Employees are encouraged to work with their managers to set career advancement goals and identify new learning opportunities.

If you are a student or recent graduate looking to join the MEMS team, visit our Career Connector Site to view all opportunities available at MEMS.