MEMS personnel have successfully designed and implemented numerous remediation programs for a wide variety of sites. MEMS’ approach to remediation is to thoroughly review remedial options available under an increasingly complex criteria selection process in order to recommend the most viable and cost-effective remedial options. Further evaluation, which can aid in significantly reducing remediation liabilities, includes:

  • identification of the viability of establishing site-specific criteria or modifying generic criteria;
  • evaluating the feasibility of risk management as an alternative;
  • evaluating the feasibility of in-situ or on-site treatment as an alternative; and
  • evaluating Natural Attenuation as a long-term option for site remediation.

Our goal in site remediation is to ensure that we work with our clients to attain the most cost-effective solution, while providing the required level of environmental protection, in a timely and service-oriented manner. Our success has been demonstrated through:

  • establishment of government-approved, site-specific criteria that have reduced remediation liabilities by two orders of magnitude and not resulted in any future land use restrictions for the site;
  • initiation of risk-based remediation and reclamation processes that will maximize the future land value of our clients’ property; and
  • use of combined in-situ and on-site treatment systems to significantly reduce remediation project costs.