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Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.


Environmental Management Systems

An environmental management system (EMS) provides an organized and formal approach to managing environmental issues within an organization. More importantly, a management system is an important tool to improve compliance, prevent pollution, reduce risks and improve cost-effective allocation of resources.

MEMS personnel have experience in the design and facilitation of environmental management systems that meet the specific needs of the client. Our experience includes the development and implementation of ISO 14001 compliant management systems, environmental management plans and development of Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) plans. Management systems services we provide include:

  • ISO 14001 and 18001;
  • risk management;
  • environmental information collecting, managing and monitoring;
  • regulatory compliance;
  • due diligence requirements; and
  • integrated environmental, health and safety management systems development.

MEMS’ approach is to encourage client involvement throughout the development of an environmental management system, including its design and implementation. This participation allows the client to take ownership of the management system, resulting in increased effectiveness and functionality for the organization, as well as the potential for significant savings. Additionally, MEMS’ senior staff have experience in environmental management system auditing, compliance auditing and construction auditing for a wide variety of clients and industries throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Canada. We are proud of our ability to investigate and to find original solutions to the unique problem our clients may have.