Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.


Wetland Ecological Environmental Services

MEMS team of ecologists has a broad range of expertise in the biological sciences, including agrology, conservation biology, grassland, wetland and forest ecology, ethnobotany, palaeobotany and taxonomy. We have experience working in a number of provinces in Canada, as well as internationally. Our team is a leader in ‘life of project’ experience, including planning, inventory, assessment, monitoring and revegetation stages. The scope, scale and intricacies of the projects we complete are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our wetland ecology services include baseline surveys, impact assessment, mitigation measures, revegetation plans, monitoring and land use planning (when the integration of local knowledge is crucial). MEMS has a wide range of competencies and extensive experience in wetland consulting services, including the following areas:

  • wetland classification, characterization, delineation and mapping;
  • riparian area classification, delineation and mapping;
  • wetland and riparian area vegetation health assessments;
  • wetland management and monitoring;
  • wetland mitigation and restoration planning; and
  • identification, planning and management of wetlands used for harvesting medicinal and food vegetation species.