Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.


Human Health Risk Assessment and Public Health Consulting

MEMS’ human health group provides a broad range of services aimed at assessing and managing risks to public health. Our team of toxicologists, biologists and air quality experts has many years of experience providing service to government and industry clients and is regularly retained by government agencies to provide expert advice and independent peer review.   MEMS’ human health group works closely with other disciplines, including contaminated sites assessment and remediation, occupational health & safety/industrial hygiene, and air sciences, to provide complete multi-disciplinary solutions. Core services include:

  • Human health risk assessment in support of developments, applications and environmental impact assessments
  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
  • Risk assessment for brownfields/greenfields development
  • Chemical risk assessments, including pesticides and substances in commercial/consumer use
  • Indoor air quality monitoring (industrial hygiene/occupational and public exposure)
  • Building hazardous materials management
  • Population exposure assessments
  • Risk-based guideline development
  • Expert advisory services
  • Independent peer review

If you would like additional information on our HIA services, click on this link and download our brochure.