Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.


Ecosystem and Vegetation Environmental Services

MEMS’ team of ecologists has a broad range of expertise in the biological sciences, including agrology, conservation biology, grassland, wetland & forest ecology, ethnobotany, palaeobotany and taxonomy. We have experience working in a number of provinces in Canada, as well as internationally. Our team is a leader in ‘life of project’ experience including planning, inventory, assessment, monitoring and revegetation stages. The scope, scale and intricacies of the projects we complete are tailored to our client’s needs. Our ecosystems and vegetation services include baseline surveys, impact assessment, mitigation measures, revegetation plans, monitoring and land use planning (when the integration of local knowledge is crucial). Our ecosystem and vegetation services include:

  • conservation and revegetation planning;
  • rare plant transplantation planning;
  • invasive vegetation species mapping and control planning;
  • vegetation community structure and species diversity studies;
  • species distribution and abundance studies;
  • taxonomic identification of vascular and non-vascular species;
  • ecological land classification and mapping;
  • vegetation community modelling;
  • rare and medicinal and food vegetation species potential mapping;
  • fragmentation analysis;
  • old growth, forest resource (timber), vegetation community, traditional use vegetation and rare plant impact assessments;
  • regeneration and revegetation monitoring and health assessments; and
  • silviculture prescriptions.

Our team is trained in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to provide you with mapping services. We create detailed maps of an area, highlighting specific findings or concerns. Once the initial mapping data is collected, we work with our Geomatics Department to format and present the maps in a way that is user-friendly and easy to understand. All of our Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) research, GIS and geomatics services are conducted in-house, reducing the risk of error and providing cost- and time-savings.

We often engage in research projects to establish new techniques, methods, technologies and standards for the industry. Being on the leading edge of our industry and relying on MEMS’ other disciplines (wildlife, soils, geomatics) for support ensures our clients receive efficient, high-value service.