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Work-Life Integration

Our Approach to Work-Life Integration

Work-life integration is an aspect of employee well-being related to the employee’s ability to manage personal and professional responsibilities with adequate time for rest and leisure. Each individual may define their ideal work-life integration differently.

At MEMS, we understand that each of our staff has different needs to reach their ideal work-life integration, and we encourage our team to advocate for those needs. Because our employees are connected to the office at home, we believe in allowing them to stay connected to their home lives while at work. As long as all necessary work is completed in a day, we provide our employees flexibility for family issues, events, appointments and other personal concerns. We operate in an environment of trust and encourage our employees to govern themselves and manage their time in an honest and reasonable manner.

We support work-life integration for our employees. We help our employees find ways to balance work and home demands by enabling flex-time in the morning and afternoons, extra time accruals, review of vacation accrual rates and flexible workplace arrangements.

MEMS works directly with staff when scheduling fieldwork to determine the best schedule for all involved. When scheduling fieldwork, we consider employee competencies, career development, skill set, and work-life balance goals. We also recognize the need to rest after a long shift and therefore have policies in place to ensure adequate rest and time off.