Work / Life Integration

Today’s work environment is rapidly changing. At MEMS we support a work/life integration for our employees. The reality is that our professional lives bleed into our personal lives. The boundaries are increasingly blurred between work and home-life as employees find themselves more connected to the office and often handling work-related responsibilities at home. We check our emails in the evenings and weekends; we delay or miss family events because we can’t leave the office – and when we do, we take our communications devices with us so that we can stay connected to work. MEMS is continuing to do its part in helping employees find a way to balance these demands by allowing flexible work hours, extra time accrual and a review of vacation accrual rates.

Because our employees are connected to the office when they’re at home, we believe in allowing them to stay connected to their home lives while at work. As long as all necessary work is completed in a day, we allow our employees flexibility for family issues and events, appointments and other personal concerns. We operate in an environment of trust and allow our employees to govern themselves and manage their time in an honest and reasonable manner.