Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.



MEMS is a privately held, employee-owned company. We partner with industry and government clients in all aspects of their operations in the expert delivery of effective and innovative environmental, health & safety strategies and solutions. Our leadership team is made up of a number of senior professionals that are involved in all areas of the business, including research and development, projects, regulatory initiatives as well as the mentorship and guidance of our team members.

Many of our professionals are leaders in their fields and are active in teaching, speaking, associations and independent industry research.

We are a western Canada-based consultancy specializing in all project life cycle stages. We pride ourselves on quality, personal service and an innovative approach to project execution. We offer services that span a number of environmental and related disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary teams work together to tackle complex projects, expand our service scope and cultivate innovative systems. We take a hands-on approach to all projects. Our company leaders are also practicing members who are involved with on-going projects.

We are leaders in research, technology and new regulatory developments. Not only does this keep us ahead of our competitors in terms of trends and standards, but it also benefits our clients by giving them more options and access to the most effective and efficient service.