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Key Projects

Key Projects

New habitat for pheasants along Ross Creek

Partnership supports creating a new habitat MEMS was happy to support the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) and Pheasants Forever (Chinook Chapter) in creating a new habitat for pheasants along Ross Creek near Medicine Hat. MEMS provided the funding application, design, regulatory support and construction supervision in the fall of 2022 for this innovative environmental enhancement […]

BC Flood Response Hydrotechnical Support

When southeast British Columbia was devastated by massive flooding November 14/15 2021, Trans Mountain called MEMS to provide hydrotechnical engineering support at geohazard sites where rivers exposed or threatened the Trans Mountain Pipeline. MEMS engineers responded and were on the ground within 1 day of the request and continue to provide timely field direction, design […]

Asbestos Assessments and Abatement Services

MEMS has conducted a number of building assessments and surveys for hazardous materials.  MEMS, working in partnership, to complete asbestos surveys and management plans for Public Services and Procurement Canada is just one example.  MEMS compiled asbestos inventories of over 300 buildings at numerous Correctional Facilities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Providing an integrated and […]

Athabasca River Pipe Erosion Protection

MEMS was awarded the engineering design for erosion protection measures of existing pipe sag bends along the Athabasca River. The project award was based on the demonstrated experience of the MEMS team and practical insights provided by MEMS on the constructability issues of the site along the river bank.  An innovative off-channel approach is being […]

Grassy Mountain Coal Mine Water Management Lead

Riversdale Resources engaged MEMS as the water management lead to coordinate and collaborate with various engineering consultants through the Bankable Feasibility Study. As water issues on the mine site are a key issue for regulatory compliance, the coordination and refinement of water-related plans was assigned to MEMS in addition to the existing role of leading […]

Ross Creek Drainage Improvements and Wetland Engineering

The Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) in partnership with Pheasants Forever (PF) engaged MEMS as the engineer-of-record to provide support through construction at the Ross Creek Habitat Improvement Project. The project includes removal of historical infrastructure to improve drainage, and construction of new drainage along Ross Creek that includes wetlands and topographical features for wildlife habitat […]

Human Health Risk Assessment of Abandoned Mine Sites

MEMS conducted human health risk assessments for a number of abandoned, non-uranium mine sites in northern Saskatchewan.  We were part of a team of consultants working for the province to assess and understand the environmental liabilities of these sites. Even though the sites are in remote areas, there is still human activity in adjacent areas. […]

Environmental Guideline Development

Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) is a leader in the development of environmental criteria and guidance.  This involvement in guideline development gives MEMS an exceptional understanding of the basis for and application of guidelines, allowing us to help clients make the best decisions for their properties.  Examples of guideline development work done by MEMS personnel […]

Risk-Based Decommissioning of a Sulphur Storage Facility

Risk-Based Decommissioning of a Sulphur Storage Facility This project illustrates how multiple Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) disciplines work in partnership to develop optimum solutions for our clients at complex contaminated sites.  In this case, the site-assessment, contaminant hydrogeology and risk assessment groups worked closely together to dramatically decrease the volumes of soil requiring remediation […]

Impact of Crematoria Emissions in Thailand

The World Bank provided funding to measure emissions from crematoria in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Comparisons were made to emissions at facilities in other countries.  The emphasis was on emissions of dioxins and furans but SO2, NOx, CO, metals and other chemicals were considered.  Health risks were identified and risk management options were proposed, […]