Environmental Auditing

Audits are a standard procedure when it comes to environmental work; however, MEMS approaches auditing in a fresh way: working positively with the company being audited to provide them opportunities for growth and learning.

As one of the first companies in Canada to employ a Certified Environmental Auditor, we continue to be on the forefront of auditing practices. With an EMS Lead Auditor accreditation, we provide auditing services for compliance with guidelines, legislation, or industry standards. All of our audits are conducted on site, increasing the accuracy of the audit’s result. If your company is considering a new environmental auditor, or in need of support with an existing audit, please contact us.

MEMS’ auditing services include:

  • internal audit program development and implementation;
  • environmental compliance audits;
  • environmental management system audits;
  • due diligence audits;
  • greenhouse gas emission verifications; and
  • greenhouse gas emission audit services.