Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.
Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.


Water Supply

MEMS offers its client’s technical expertise for obtaining, monitoring, and managing of surface water/hydrologic baseline data throughout western Canada. We design and execute field monitoring programs, provide regulatory support, and assess, evaluate and report on hydrologic data to document baseline conditions for permitting and public disclosure purposes.

MEMS also provides site water management/erosion and sediment control services to support our existing assessment/remediation/reclamation disciplines and spill response services.

Field Monitoring Programs

  • designing and installing networks of climate and hydrometric stations
  • water flow, water level, water quality, and sediment quality data collection and processing
  • long‐term seasonal and annual monitoring programs
  • watercourse crossing assessments


  • Water Act Applications
  • temporary Diversion Licence (TDL) applications for surface water sources
  • baseline reporting
  • annual compliance monitoring during operation

Water Management

  •  hydrologic analysis
  • site water management/diversions/drainage/erosion and sediment control
  • environmental compliance monitoring of construction works
  • bioengineering and erosion protection