Key Projects

Key Projects

Environmental Guideline Development

Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) is a leader in the development of environmental guidelines and guidance.  This involvement in guideline development gives MEMS an exceptional understanding of the basis for and application of guidelines, allowing us to help clients make the best decisions for their properties.  Examples of guideline development work done by MEMS personnel [...]

Risk-Based Decommissioning of a Sulphur Storage Facility

Risk-Based Decommissioning of a Sulphur Storage Facility This project illustrates how multiple Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) disciplines work in partnership to develop optimum solutions for our clients at complex contaminated sites.  In this case, the site-assessment, contaminant hydrogeology and risk assessment groups worked closely together to dramatically decrease the volumes of soil requiring remediation [...]

Impact of Crematoria Emissions in Thailand

The World Bank provided funding to measure emissions from crematoria in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Comparisons were made to emissions at facilities in other countries.  The emphasis was on emissions of dioxins and furans but SO2, NOx, CO, metals and other chemicals were considered.  Health risks were identified and risk management options were proposed, [...]

Airshed Development Support

MEMS and partners supplied supporting Information for the formation of the Saskatoon-Lloydminster Airshed Association.  The project team created an inventory of emission sources within the airshed boundary and in an upwind area in Alberta, an ambient air-monitoring plan (including a combination of passive and continuous sensors), projected budget and an associated funding formula based on [...]

Refinery Emissions in Montevideo Uruguay

This CIDA-funded project was initiated at the specific request of local residents and regulatory bodies concerned about the possible effects of refinery emissions on the health of people in encroaching settlements.  The project team developed an emissions inventory protocol of criteria contaminants and VOCs for all refinery sources that refinery staff could maintain.  Dispersion modelling [...]

Fort Air Partnership Regional Database and Dispersion Model

Current MEMS staff collected emissions data from each industrial facility and prepared a regional database.  The project developed a modeling approach that included all non-industrial emission sources in the region and the contribution from the City of Edmonton.  CALMET and CALPUFF modeling was completed for coarse and fine receptor grids around each facility.  The work [...]

Coalspur Vista Mine Dust Assessment

Millennium developed a unique approach to estimating the impact of dust emissions from a proposed 5 Mt/year coal mine near Edson Alberta.  Traditional modelling of mine emissions tends to over-estimate concentrations of dust for a number of reasons, including capture of dust by intervening vegetation.  MEMS applied the results of monitoring research programs to its [...]

Dispersion Modelling – Sepiko Kesik In-Situ Oil Sands Project

MEMS has conducted many air quality assessments for steam assisted gravity draining (SAGD) projects in Alberta’s oil sands.  The 60.000 barrel per day OSUM Sepiko Kesik project is one example.  MEMS developed a nested CALMET model to provide higher resolution meteorological variables in immediate vicinity of the project, and broader resolution across the regional assessment [...]

Greenhouse Gas Offset Project Audits

MEMS conducted an audit on behalf of the Alberta government (department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development) on the GHG emissions reduction assertions submitted by The Carbon Merchants for their Wildrose #1 tillage aggregation management project.  Total offsets claimed by the project were 17 kt CO2e.  Site visits were made to a sample of farm [...]

Applied Research Projects

Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) maximizes value to our clients by being at the forefront of the science behind environmental site management. MEMS personnel are widely respected in the industry as being at the cutting edge of applied research that directly supports our clients’ strategic needs in environmental site management. Examples of significant research projects [...]